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6 top tips to surviving working at home with your children

(1) A good schedule is paramount
Having a good schedule in place means you can manage working and looking after your children. You can pick the best times of day to complete certain tasks such as making and receiving calls. This way you can also log the tasks you are completing.

(2) Let kids be kids
Every now and then there will be moments where you have to stop working because your child needs something that cannot wait and this is ok!

(3) Keeping them entertained
Set up different activities or create an activity centre for the day. This helps to structure your childs’ day as well as yours.

(4) Take advantage of nap time
If your child is at the age where they take naps, take advantage of these time slots where you can get uninterrupted work done for an hour or three.

(5) Help from others
If you have a partner or someone you live with who can help, communicate clearly with them so they know your expectations and where they can and cannot help.

(6) Flexible work hours
If you have the option to be flexible with your work hours and things are not working during the day then take the opportunity to catch up on a few hours when the children are in bed.

Published on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020, under Blog

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  1. How can you seek support from your partner, family, or friends to help you navigate the challenges of working from home with children?

    • Employment Law says:

      As they say, it takes a village. In circumstances where you are having to work from home, it is important to reach out to your circle of family and friends for help when you need it. Alternatively you can follow the other steps addressed in our article, all of which can be practiced to assist in combatting the difficulties of working from home with children.

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