Employment Law
Employment Law

About us

PBEL is one of Canterbury’s leading employment law advocacy firms. Since the earthquakes we have been geared up to assist employers and employees, particularly in the construction and hospitality industries.

For more than 30 years we have been providing advice to employees and employers in New Zealand and overseas on employment relationship issues, business restructuring, redundancy and personal grievances such as unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, bullying and stress at work. We offer free phone consultation service that will allow you to get some immediate advice and support.about us

Much of our work involves advising people on how  best to manage employment relationship and business problems. We represent them at meetings with their employees or employers and we act for them at Mediation, before the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court.

We represent both employees and employers: Consequently we know how each feel when they are confronted by an employment problem. We focus on small to medium size businesses, particularly in the construction hospitality and service industries. We seek to protect them from expensive litigation and provide them with employment agreements that are tailored to their business. We represent employees from both the private and public sectors and ensure they know the potential outcomes and costs should they use our services.

Our primary business is to ensure that clients feel supported and confident their interests are being protected and promoted.

We recognise that often people’s understanding about employment law is wrong.  We use our blogs and facebook page  to correct these misunderstandings by providing information, advice and the latest news on employment issues.