Employment Law
Employment Law


Employing people for the first time is difficult: You will have some idea how to do it but not enough knowledge and training to do it well. When you do it well your business has a great chance of succeeding: When you do it badly it can be expensive and distressing. It is our job to help you do it right and manage problems as they occur.

Employment Agreements

The law says you must have a written employment agreement with all employees, keep a signed copy of them and also provide a signed copy to an employee who requests one.

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“I’ll use the agreement I got off the internet”

Restructuring and redundancy

Restructuring and Redundancy

Whether it is called a restructure, downsizing, reorgainsation or repositioning, the underlying message often is “We need to make staff redundant” Restructuring and redundancy law are part of business life, even in the good times.

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“We need to make staff redundant”

Sexual harrasment

Sexual Harassment

One of the more difficult employment issues for employers to manage is a complaint by one employee against another of sexual harassment. If the alleged harasser is a supervisor or a manager then the complaint potentially is against not only that person but also the employer.

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“She’s coming
on to me.”



Employers who are accused of bullying sometimes feel personally affronted and often are upset. Almost wthout exception people agree that bullying is unacceptable but they find it difficult to draw the line between justifiable criticism fairly made and bullying.

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“She is threatening me with a personal grievance”

Personal grievance

Personal Grievances and Complaints

The first response to a grievance claim is rarely the last. Once the grievance has been raised, you need to obtain legal advice, assess your chances of winning and losing, the legal costs involved and the money you might have to pay the claimant should you lose.

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“The guy I sacked wants $20,000. I’m not paying him a cent”



When employers ask “How can I get rid of him?” they believe they have very good reasons for asking this. It can be poor work performance, attitude and attendance, incompatibility, theft and other acts of dishonesty

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“How can I get rid of him?”

Workplace stress

Workplace Stress

An unexpected complaint of stress can occur in a new business which is growing very quickly, has little infrastructure and where the owner and staff are working long and hard just to keep up. Sometimes there is no obvious reason for the complaint. Often the complaint arises during a disciplinary investigation, causing the process to be delayed. In these situations advice should be obtained.

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“He says his doctor put him off work because he’s stressed”