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Finally Mask Free – What does this mean for you?

It has been long and confusing journey with Covid mandates being put in place almost overnight. They’ve been adjusted frequently over the last couple of years, which has resulted in a “new normal” for all of us here in Aotearoa. The most recent update to these rules came into place at 11:59pm on Wednesday 12 September 2022.

These announcements can at times come with much uncertainty and so here is what you need to know about how these change may affect your employment:

  1. You will no longer need to isolate if you are a household contact, though you are asked to take a Covid test each day for the first initial 5 days. The only time you will need to isolate now is if you test positive for Covid and you will need to isolate for 7 days.
  2. You are required to wear a face mask if you work at or are visiting a healthcare facility. Click here for more information on where masks are mandatory.
  3. Vaccine mandates officially ended at 11:59pm on Wednesday 26 September 2022. However, please be mindful that employers are still able to request that staff be vaccinated due to health and safety. For more information on vaccine requirements in the workplace, please click here.
  4. Financial assistance is still available for anyone who is isolating with Covid. Household contacts are no longer eligible for assistance, only those who have tested positive and are actively isolating are eligible.
  5. Should you have a dependent child who tests positive for Covid, you are able to apply for financial assistance. See more information here.

Covid has caused many difficult times for New Zealanders. It is important that everyone is informed of how this shift affects their employment.

If you require more information of these points, click here.

Published on Friday, May 12th, 2023, under Blog

2 Responses to “Finally Mask Free – What does this mean for you?”

  1. Is financial assistance available for household contacts who are isolating?

    • Employment Law says:

      Hi there, given that it is no longer a requirement for household contacts to isolate, there is not financial assistance for them unless they test positive or in cases where a dependent has tested positive and you are required to stay home to look after them. You can apply for financial support through Work and Income for assistance if you are required to isolate.

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