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Employment Law

Sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment

“He looked me up and down, tapped me on my bottom with his hand, said how good I looked and changed his clothes in front of me“.  The girl was 14. She had just started her first after-school job. She described feeling embarrassed and awkward when it first happened and as it continued she felt scared.

She worried her parents would not believe her but it became so distressing she had to tell them. She need not have worried: Her parents gave her their full support. The case is P v Z.  She also told her story to a tribunal. The Tribunal believed her and awarded her compensation.

You are entitled to go to work without having to put up with your manager or co-workers making sexual comments, sending you emails with sexual content  and touching you inappropriately.

When it first happens you should consider telling the person not to do this again. If you do not feel confident enough to do this then you should consider getting advice. It takes no more than a phone call.

How we can help

We will assist you by:

  • Advising you about the law and the complaint processes.
  • Discussing options for managing the complaint and the employment relationship.
  • Preparing the written complaint.
  • Representing you at any meeting with the employer.
  • Representing you in any complaint process that follows.

Please provide us with

  • A dateline of events.
  • A description of the issues for you.
  • Any witness statements you have obtained.
  • Your employment agreement and job description.
  • Letters, emails, and other relevant documents on the issues
  • Your employer’s sexual harassment policies and procedures and internet use policies if they are relevant to your complaint.
  • Pay slips.
  • Your contact details and those of the employer.
“She worried her parent would not believe her but of course they did and supported her throughout”