Employment Law
Employment Law

Employment Agreements

Before you start a new job you should have received the intended employment agreement, been given a reasonable opportunity to get advice before signing it, and advised that you are entitled to get independent advice about it.

Your employer is also required to consider any issues you raise and respond to them: That does not mean they have to agree with what you have raised.

You need to understand the terms and conditions you have been offered for instance what it means to be on a trial period or to carry out an unpaid work trial.

Many employees never receive an agreement: Some have said to us “she told me I didn’t need an employment agreement”, while others have said they were promised one but never got it. Many agreements

  • Are incomplete;
  • Have not been signed;
  • Do not reflect what was promised during the interview;
  • Contain terms and conditions that are confusing, unreasonably restrictive or worse in breach of the law.

Sometimes employees receive new agreements from their employers without a detailed explanation being given of any changes to their existing terms and conditions. Any lawyer would advise you not to sign without getting advice.

How we can help

We will review the agreement, provide advice and amend the agreement.

If you would like our help, this is the information we will need

  • A copy of the offer
  • A copy of any existing employment agreement.
  • A description of what you were told about your remuneration, working conditions and terms during the appointment process
  • Your employer’s explanation of the changes to your existing terms and conditions
  • Your contact details.
“She told me I didn’t need an employment agreement.”